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Everything In Moderation

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog. First of all, thank you for connecting. It is an honor to be able to communicate and share my life with you all. Just a reminder: I will be posting for you in a weekly basis news about my experiences and learning. I will also be adding at the end products and/or services I recommend to try out.

Please free feel to to share/comment/ask/suggest  since this is what blogging is all about!!


While I was thinking about what to write here this week, one of the words that stuck in my mind was moderation. While writing this post, I am in bed, relaxing my exhausted body. Lately I’m a bit overwhelmed with so many things going on in my life. It is Friday night, summer time in San Diego, and most people are out and about in beautiful San Diego . The word and definition of moderation comes to play because this is where I feel my life is lacking.

When you think about the word moderation, what comes to your mind? If we look at the dictionary, moderation means being within reasonable limits, not excessive or extreme. Easy to put in words and so obvious to understand. However, why can’t most people do it? Just like for me, for most people moderation is also a challenge and so hard to be applied in their lives. Why is that ?

General speaking, moderation is a physical action that is mostly challenging and difficult to be executed, due to anxiety, rush, lack of time, and unavailability. Moderation and/or lack of is in everything and anything we do: what we eat, and how we eat, how we drive, how we brush our teeth, what we do as a workout, and how we exercise; how much sleep or not enough sleep do we take? The list goes on and on. As yogis and yoginis, we can definitely notice that also in the type of yoga we practice, and how we practice.

The world is changing at a fast rate. Everyday our generation is dealing with stress and anxiety issues. We are rushing most of the time because we complain that we don’t have enough time to do everything we are committed to do.

Moreover, we end up making wrong and unhealthy options, because we are unable to find available what is right and healthy for us. We can’t find moderation because we are always looking to achieve a certain level. We’re never completely satisfied with who we are and what we have in the now. We think we need more.

During every and each yoga practice, we learn about moderation. We learn how to slow the breath down, so we slow the pace of our mind and our movements and actions, so we can be fully present and in the moment, without rushing to go anywhere or do more than usual. We also learn how to listen to our bodies while we are in the mat practicing physical postures, we  have the opportunity to modify some postures, developing acceptance and patience towards where we are in our practice, as well as our lives. We learn to try easy, not hard, experiencing moderation, without struggling to go to the extreme.

Moreover, yoga shows us how to let the ego go, along with any judgment, assumption, or even goals and achievements. We learn to observe how we feel physically and emotionally, and how to stay quite in the mind, so we can find silence. Through silence, we can really listen to our body and ourselves.

There is really no place to go with yoga. We are already there. We are already in the practice for our inner selves, so we obtain things we want.

We think that we need to HAVE things so we can BE happy or content. What if we reverse it? Accepting ourselves first, so we can fully BE. Then, everything else is coincidence, and we’ll eventually HAVE whatever we want for ourselves.

Outside the yoga room, finding moderation is finding time for yourself. It’s all about choices, and choosing freely the options that will help you grow, and to accept yourself, so you can feel energized. Take the time to take care of yourself and slow things down. Find time to be alone with yourself. Learn how to be quite sometimes, and how to be comfortable in being with yourself. This is what I am doing right now. It feels very good. Ok, now I feel I am rambling. So let me finish, so you can digest this post slowly with moderation 😉

How about you? How can you bring moderation to your life to remind yourself how beautiful INSIDE OUT you already are?

Have a lovely week everyone, and be safe! Until next time!

Much love, fun, light & blessings to you all!