Life is wonderful!!!!

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to my blog, YogaFreely. It has been a while…

Hope this message finds all of you healthy and happy.

Well, let’s start sharing that this is exactly  how I am feeling right now. It feels real great!

Last time I blogged was actually last year in November, before my trip to India and Brazil. I guess so much had happened since then, that I have not been spending the proper amount of time here sharing my experiences and feelings with all of you. However the time has arrived, again. Always returning to its natural sources. That is how amazing the journey is going so far. Time to go back into the action of sharing through blogging. Slow motion is better than no motion. Blogging (specially designed for the modern times probably) – or we can call “journaling” really makes you go back to your essence, to your pure nature, and to what is right and true for you. Some call it “natural state of being”. It takes time, mental efforts, creativity, and focus to take all out of your head. Most likely to be an awesome reliever! Same with Yoga.

Life has been just really great for me lately. It has always been great, but now I can appreciate much more who I am, the amazing people I have in my life, and also where my life is at this very moment. I can feel easily an enormous gratitude for everything, even with those rough and challenging moments. General speaking, I feel that there is a huge mental shift and energy  shift moving towards a more positive way of thinking. I feel lots of expansion in all dimensions of my life. Even the most simple things happening to me teach me something that before I was not able to learn or notice. All part of the learning process for growth. Yoga has been an unbelievable path I have chosen for my life, because it gave the opportunity to understand who I am as a person and what serves me best. Being able to practice Yoga regularly is a gift I receive from life. It has given me all this wonderful opportunities for maturity, clarity, focus, and joy – in a daily basis!

The most incredible of all is that the transformation is not only happening in words, but also in actions towards liberation and freedom. I am learning so much about Yoga and the ways it can transform my  body, mind and energy in all aspects. It is so powerful that it makes me wanting to share with everybody! So lately I am making myself very busy sharing what I learned with others through the process of guiding them through Yoga postures with philosophical and spiritual themes. I also have been attending Landmark Education which is an extensive training program that educates people to see life as a possibility. From there, we can create the life we want. I will talk more about that on my next blog.

My life has been the most pleasant and rewarding path so far. I wanted to take the opportunities to thank some especial people. You know who you are out there! My dear family, my truly friends, my peeps, my teachers, my students and the amazing supported community I live in (including the cyberspace!). You are constantly giving me the space so I can be who I really am, on my natural state without judgments, assumptions or limitations from any kind. From there, I can share my life authentically with everyone and access all the possibilities that are available for me to create the extraordinary life I want for myself. I am so grateful! Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you and also to share with all of you one of my biggest passions that is Yoga!

Yoga tells us that we are different and unique in many ways, but we are not separated. Most of us practice Yoga together in a group setting, but Yoga is so individual. Each body has its differences and uniqueness and we grow when we start listening what it is going on first in the physical body, and then we can access the mind. It a great starter to initiate the journey inwards! However, it seems that it does no make any sense if we discover ourselves, but then we don’t have anyone to share that discovery or wisdom with. You will understand what I am saying when you think about that movie (or book) “Into the Wild”. In the last chapter, Christopher McCandless wrote “Happiness Only Real When Shared…”. Amazing inspiring worlds to me. There is a whole wild world out there, and we are all part of it. There is no real separation. We are all part of one whole dimension, with all the similarities and differences. Everything we say and do right now ripples outwards and affects everything and everyone around us. So always remember that you are never, never alone!!!!!!

Remember that life is an amazing journey, and gratitude, love, and honor are the places where we can share our lives fully from, with integrity and authenticity. You matter to the world as much as the world matters to you. You are already a wonderful and powerful human being!!!! Never forget that!!!!


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