“Carolina has been the most amazing person I have ever met since moving to San Diego! Through her amazing friendship, she has taught me not to only enjoy life, but to enjoy the spirit of living through an open heart and mind. Her yoga sessions are not just a practice, but a living dream of her reality of inner peace…”

John Daniel, San Diego, CA

“ I have been a student on Carolina’s class for the past two months . I would highly encourage anyone to take Carolina’s class . She is an amazing teacher and human being. She is an excellent skilled teacher and has a great deal of patience with beginning students like myself . Her teachings have really transformed every aspect of my life !!”

David Saucedo, San Diego, CA

“Dear Carolina, I am very greatful for your teachings and your kindness that you share with all of us during your classes. Your teachings are very well organize and have a beautiful flow, love your classes, thank you again…. NAMASTE!”

Jamie James DePrie, La Jolla, CA