The Eighth Limb of Yoga

SAMADHI (Fully Integrated Consciousness) – “enlightment”

The final outcome that anyone can hope to achieve in yoga is Samadhi. Samadhi means “to bring together, to merge.”  It is seen as absolute bliss. This is pure contemplation, superconsciousness, in which you and the universe are one. Those who have achieved Samadhi are enlightened. In the state of Samadhi the body and senses are at rest, as if asleep, yet the mind is aware and awake.

Samadhi refers to union or true Yoga. There is an ending to the separation that is created by the “I” and “mine” of your illusory perceptions of reality. The mind does not distinguish between self and non-self, or between the object contemplated and the process of contemplation. The mind and the intellect have stopped and there is only the experience of consciousness, truth and joy.

The eight limbs work together, and provide a logical pathway that leads to the attainment of physical, ethical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual health. The first five steps — yama, niyama asana, pranayama, and pratyahara — are the preliminaries of yoga and build the foundation for spiritual life. They are concerned with the body and the brain. The last three, which would not be possible without the previous steps, are concerned with reconditioning the mind. They can help you to attain enlightenment or the full realization of oneness with Spirit.

“Yoga does not seek to change the individual; rather, it allows the natural state of total health and integration in each of us to become a reality.The Eight Limbs , The Core of Yoga 
by William J.D. Doran