2014 Energy Forecast by Lee Harris

Lee Harris continue to amaze me with his insights, messages and observations about human nature, the power of energy and intention. I hope you enjoy his video as much I did!

Lee Harris eh eh canalizador de energia, palestrante, terapeuta e uma ser humano maravilhoso que tive a oportunidade de conhecer o ano passado, num evento em Los Angeles. Nascido e criado na Inglaterra, atualmente reside numa fazenda em Boulder, no estado do Colorado, nos Estados Unidos. Nos últimos 8 anos, trabalhou com mais de 1.700 pessoas em todo o mundo em sessões pessoais, liderando seminários e retiros em 10 países diferentes , fazendo transmissões de vídeo on-line e hospedando dois programas de rádio espirituais.

Sigo seus conselhos e mensagens frequentemente, e gosto muito da paz e clareza que sinto ao escutar as suas mensagens. Espero que voces gostem!

Click on the photo “Emergence” to access the video! Enjoy.

2013 Energy Forecast by Lee Harris

November 2012 Energy Forecast by Lee Harris

Hello everyone,

I have been following Lee Harris’ work for quite a while and he has yearly and monthly energy forecasts which are amazing to hear and get tuned in and inspired by. His guidances always make me reflect about life and bring me peace and clarity. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did! Much love & many blessings to you all!

Click on the link below to access the video:
November 2012 Energy Forecast by Lee Harris

The Power of the Universe

For the last few weeks I have been super excited about taking some time off from work and daily routine to go travel. I was looking forward to having my sister (Barbara) and 2 other friends (Tatiana and Flavia) visiting California from Brazil to go on a road trip to San Francisco with. I couldn’t wait to not only spend some quality time with them, but also to see my sister with a big fat belly, she is now 6-months-pregnant with a baby girl on the way!

In the meantime, my family back home was dealing with my 83 years-old grandmother (from my mom’s side) getting sick and having to go through an open-heart surgery. The surgery had happened a few days before my sister arrived in the U.S. I was constantly on the phone with my sister and my parents getting updates about my grandmother’s health.

My grandmother has always been a very strong woman, living a very good life. Until she felt some symptoms that her heart wasn’t functioning quite well anymore, she was living a very normal life. At 83, she was still capable of cooking from scratch some delicious homemade pastas for the entire family and friends, crocheting, playing cards, traveling, and enjoying spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The decision of a 83 years-old woman to go through an open-heart surgery wasn’t an easy one, I believe. There are risks and consequences of this type of surgery, specially at this age. However, it was a consensus among the doctors and my family. It needed to happen. She was suffering from short breath, her legs were getting swollen, so it was getting very challenging for her to do normal things, like taking the stairs up to her house. Her heart was stopping her to do the things she always loved to do. Consequently, she started getting depressed and scared. As we know, mental stress leads to other diseases and problems, so she probably wouldn’t handle the depression very well, since she has always been such a loving, caring, and happy human being. So, the decision was made, and she agreed and trusted that the surgery was the best option.

My family is big and I have cousins in different parts of the world. Right before the surgery, my grandmother received phone calls and visits from family members living in the US, in Australia and in other parts of Brazil. I personally called her, and through our phone call, I felt she was calm and confident. The surgery went well, and my sister accompanied with our 2 friends, flew to LA to meet me and to start together our adventure.

I picked the girls up at the LAX airport, and we drove all the way up to San Francisco, The destination was to hit the coast through the 101 pacific coast highway, stopping at some magical places such Half Moon Bay, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, and other special ones, on our way back to San Diego. The first 2 days were real fun days in San Francisco and Marin County (north of San Francisco), and the weather was a bit chili but nice and sunny. On the 3rd day, we started driving down the coast and the weather changed dramatically. It got very cold and rainy, and we drove a lot that day. So we were looking to quickly find a cozy hotel with warm shower and comfy bed for us to rest. It was a Friday, and I felt something different in the air, but didn’t really know what it was, so decided to not say anything to the girls. The day before we called my dad and he told us that my grandmother was very sick. After the surgery she was breathing through tubes, and she was having some post surgery complications. My sister is a physician and knew what was really going on. I remember she intuitively saying “This is it. Grandma will die”. As we were traveling that day we didn’t connect with my family due to poor Wifi connection. That night, before we go to bed, we all prayed for my grandmother. Tatiana said “you should call your parents first thing in the morning when you wake up”. We called my mom the next morning. My dad answered my mom’s cell phone, and we already knew it. We felt it. My dad told us that our grandmother didn’t resist and had passed away the night before. It hit me hard right in my heart. We couldn’t stop crying just thinking about my grandmother. I could hear her voice, and I could see her smile when I closed my eyes (I am still do). What a strange “grey” day for all of us. After received the news, we left the hotel and continued our journey to the next destination: Santa Cruz. In the car, we all talked about how we felt. Tatiana said she couldn’t sleep the night before. Flavia felt that someone was looking at us while we were asleep in the hotel room. We all felt something different that night. My sister shared with me that in the past few days before her surgery, my grandmother was dreaming about my grandfather, who passed away a few years ago. They were happily married for many many years. We believe that he was “calling” her. Now I feel that she is resting in peace next to him.

As we continued driving the California coast, we were amazed by the beauty and diversity we saw. It was still overcast as we drove through Santa Cruz, but when we hit Carmel By The Sea in the afternoon we were gifted with the sun. Carmel is such a romantic place. A long pure white sandy beach. It was warm again. The rain and fog were gone. I felt light and grounded as we’ve walked bearfoot into the sand. Such an amazing feeling. We ended the day at the Santa Monica Pier with clear blue sky. The sunset in the Pacific Ocean was another gift we received from Mother Earth. A reminder to cease the moment. In that same day that we received such sad news about my grandmother, we were blessed from the Universe giving us what we needed at that moment: natural beauty, sisterhood, girl’s time, friendship, support, laughs, good food, good wine, fun, and so much more. I felt this day was a gift from my grandmother.

The Universe does an amazing job on providing us what we need. This statement is for everyone. For those who seek, I feel it is even more alive. My grandmother was a big example. She taught me to have faith, and to believe in the power of prayers. Her life’s intention was to live a healthy, peaceful, harmless, long life. Through the years she prayed through good and bad times for all of us to have the same life she wanted for herself, so then we could all share a joyful life together. She prayed for our hearts and minds to be at peace. The Universe provided her an beautiful life where she was able to look after her family members and friends through love, faith, prayers, attention, and devotion.

My family and friends prayed for her while she was going through her surgery. She was an extraordinary human being: a very dedicated wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. So many people attended her funeral. She passed away surrounded by a very close knit family that my grandfather and her started together many years ago. She was loved and appreciated. She will always have my love, admiration and inspiration. I feel deeply in my heart that she resting in peace now. She created her own world and the world around her with the same faith she left in our hearts: the faith that everything is ok; that love always finds the way; the faith that life goes on, and it is so sweet.

The Universe has its power and we have the choice to trust it and let it guide us. We learn that there is no coincidence and everything that happens in our life, every event, every situation, every interaction, is there for us to accept, explore and learn from it. Through these experiences, we learn about ourselves, about others, about relationships, and how we can authentically live every moment of our lives, like if it was the last one. The one certainty is the uncertainty of things, that everything is in constantly change and transformation. I felt so blessed to have my sister and friends so closed to me to share this rough moment with. I have intentionally asked the Universe to learn how to best handle challenging situations like this one. Through my Yoga practice, I have always meditated on acceptance, love, compassion, and balance within the only certainty: the constant impermanence of things. As I meditate, I can see my grandmother smiling and walking towards me with those long arms and big Italian hands, ready to give me a big hug, as usual when I used to visit her at her place. The Universe gave me a wonderful and supportive friends. It also showed me that I am never alone.

My sister and friends were here for me when I needed the most. Another alert from the Universe to remind all of us to truly seek with our hearts what we want in life and trust in the Universe, as it remains strong in providing us through all the lessons and experiences what we are here to learn.

“ Thinking about death can lead us to love life. When we get used to the idea of death, we receive each day, each moment as a gift. Only when we accept life as well, bit by bit, is that it becomes precious. “- Albert Schweitzer









3 generations of the “D’Agnoluzzo family”: my mom, myself, and minha grandmother

* 6/2/1929 + 10/12/2012

Health and Vulnerability

It is incredible how our physical bodies can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

On the previous post, I shared with all of you how much my life has been full of joy, freedom, happiness and fun lately. I do everything I love, and I love everything I do. Simple as that! Activities include: teaching and practicing Yoga daily; attending amazing spiritual workshops; spending real great time with my friends in San Diego; checking out local art/music scene, dancing, and the list goes on. Good stuff!

I am one of those type of persons who needs 7-8 hours/daily to feel high energy levels, and that my metabolism and immunity system are up and running properly. I am aware of that. What has been happening lately is that I end up not sleeping much on the weekends, trying to balance going out/sleeping late and working early mornings. Well, I can always go back home after work and rest. Right?

…balancing a healthy lifestyle with fun/partying…this has been the story of my life for quite a while!

Two weeks ago, on Sunday, I went swimming at the pool with some friends and I felt a lot of pain in my right ear. I got ear infection so many times in my life at early age that it became just normal. I noticed that something was weird that night. I was feeling weird. My right ear was extremely painful, and I felt tension on the jaw on the right side. My left eye could not stop tearing. I told myself not to panic, and that I was going to visit the doctor the next day. On Monday morning I woke up with numbness on my face on the right side. I could not move the facial muscles on my right side. I wasn’t not feeling my face on the right side. I could not move even on single muscle or blinking my right eye. A wave of frustration and concern come along. Some of the symptoms were the same as if I was having a stroke! So my mind started wondering that this problem could be very serious. Luckily enough, my dad and sister are both doctors and they were attending a medical convention in Chicago. A few hours after I called them, and told them what was going on. Their diagnose was so precisely right (as always): I had Bell’s palsy. They encouraged me to go to the emergency room right away, and after an doctor examination, I left the hospital feeling a bit more relief to know what I had. Bell’s Palsy is a inflammation involving one of the brain nerves which controls the muscles on one side of the face. The cause is unknown, but most likely I’ve got that cause my immune system wasn’t as strong due to sleep deprivation, followed by an ear infection.

It will take up to 6 weeks for full recovery, and it has been two weeks, so I am feeling much better. Today is my last day taking the pills. Yay! I just need to give special attention to my right eye because since I cannot blink normally yet, I need to protect the eye from dust particle and wind, and also since tears cannot lubricate the eye without blinking, there is a danger that the cornea will dry out and form a ulcer which could permanently affect my vision. I am using a eye pad when I go to sleep, which is very uncomfortable. As part of my “way of being”, I tend to always see every situation in a positive way, so I must say I look like a pirate of the Caribbean LOL

This problem had definitely hit my self esteem and confidence. I felt ugly and miserable. My mind played tricky games on me so I felt guilty to take my health for granted. I was feeling so weak that I had to take a break from what I most love to do which is practicing Yoga. That was just enough. At least, I would continue teaching Yoga trying to live a normal life, but it was not fun at all. Some classes were so draining.

The “healing” process started when I saw this problem as another opportunity for reflection, appreciation, and growth. I accepted the fact that something happened, and it is fine. It is what it is. It was still me, Carolina, same person, same body. I took the following week off and flew to Chicago to meet my family. We spent quality of time together and visited so many beautiful places. Perfect time to relax, rest, and heal. This trip was planned out a few months ago, and it came in such a perfect time. My family took care of me just like if I was a baby. I must admit that felt great! They are so loving, caring and supportive. As doctors, they understand very well how the human body works physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel we are never alone or lonely in life. We are sustained by communities such as family, friends, work, cyberspace, hospitals, schools, that are always there for us, even when we forget. Life is about sharing experiences and moments with supported communities. My family is my sacred community where I can always rely on!

In this photo: my sister Barbara (Babi), my dad Ricardo, myself and my mom Rosangela. I love them so much!

Another big lesson I have learned is that we do take our health for granted, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. We only really appreciate being healthy when we experience illness. We are vulnerable as much as we are strong. When we are healthy, happy and “nothing is wrong”, we usually complain the most, or overuse our strengths, or take ourselves too seriously and make such a big deal on small things. When we find sickness, we appreciate those moments when we are fully healthy and with an amazing amount of energy inside out, and we make “promesses” that we will be more gently and kind to ourselves and our bodies in the future. I feel sometimes that we never really live the present moment. When things are going well we tend to wonder and wish for more. When things are not going very well, we can’t wait until things get better once again!

This is a great opportunity to remind ourselves that we are members of amazing communities that are so valuable which we can count on for everything, and sharing life experiences within these communities is the master key for support, love, and care. So appreciate the people you have in your life who really matters to you.

Everyone wants the same after all: a long and abundant life full of happiness, joy, love and health. Life is about choices. Through daily habits, practices, and attitude we choose what to be and how to be. So I invite all of you to feel gratitude and appreciation for your life everyday, when you wake up, even when things are not quite right. Things will be better soon, eventually. Or it can go worst the next day, just like a rollercoaster. The only constant is change. The only real stability is that there is no real certainty or security or safety in life. All we have is this precious moment that is right here right now. We live life the way we choose to see life at this exactly moment. The real mystery and beauty of life come from accepting that life is vulnerable and impermanent. This is what makes life so interesting!

Cheers to a beautiful and healthy life! Namaste!

The Story of Hatha Yoga

The Story of Hatha Yoga is very interesting! Yoga is practiced by millions today. But in the early 1900s yoga was unkown and on the decline. What happened that led to this tranformation? This story tells you how yoga moved from the obscurity of the caves in the himalayas and into our everyday lives. The story of yoga is the story of extraordinary sacrifice and extraordinary people. Through this 5 minutes video you will get this story that has never been told in this way before!

More info at MylifeYoga

Life is wonderful!!!!

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to my blog, YogaFreely. It has been a while…

Hope this message finds all of you healthy and happy.

Well, let’s start sharing that this is exactly  how I am feeling right now. It feels real great!

Last time I blogged was actually last year in November, before my trip to India and Brazil. I guess so much had happened since then, that I have not been spending the proper amount of time here sharing my experiences and feelings with all of you. However the time has arrived, again. Always returning to its natural sources. That is how amazing the journey is going so far. Time to go back into the action of sharing through blogging. Slow motion is better than no motion. Blogging (specially designed for the modern times probably) – or we can call “journaling” really makes you go back to your essence, to your pure nature, and to what is right and true for you. Some call it “natural state of being”. It takes time, mental efforts, creativity, and focus to take all out of your head. Most likely to be an awesome reliever! Same with Yoga.

Life has been just really great for me lately. It has always been great, but now I can appreciate much more who I am, the amazing people I have in my life, and also where my life is at this very moment. I can feel easily an enormous gratitude for everything, even with those rough and challenging moments. General speaking, I feel that there is a huge mental shift and energy  shift moving towards a more positive way of thinking. I feel lots of expansion in all dimensions of my life. Even the most simple things happening to me teach me something that before I was not able to learn or notice. All part of the learning process for growth. Yoga has been an unbelievable path I have chosen for my life, because it gave the opportunity to understand who I am as a person and what serves me best. Being able to practice Yoga regularly is a gift I receive from life. It has given me all this wonderful opportunities for maturity, clarity, focus, and joy – in a daily basis!

The most incredible of all is that the transformation is not only happening in words, but also in actions towards liberation and freedom. I am learning so much about Yoga and the ways it can transform my  body, mind and energy in all aspects. It is so powerful that it makes me wanting to share with everybody! So lately I am making myself very busy sharing what I learned with others through the process of guiding them through Yoga postures with philosophical and spiritual themes. I also have been attending Landmark Education which is an extensive training program that educates people to see life as a possibility. From there, we can create the life we want. I will talk more about that on my next blog.

My life has been the most pleasant and rewarding path so far. I wanted to take the opportunities to thank some especial people. You know who you are out there! My dear family, my truly friends, my peeps, my teachers, my students and the amazing supported community I live in (including the cyberspace!). You are constantly giving me the space so I can be who I really am, on my natural state without judgments, assumptions or limitations from any kind. From there, I can share my life authentically with everyone and access all the possibilities that are available for me to create the extraordinary life I want for myself. I am so grateful! Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you and also to share with all of you one of my biggest passions that is Yoga!

Yoga tells us that we are different and unique in many ways, but we are not separated. Most of us practice Yoga together in a group setting, but Yoga is so individual. Each body has its differences and uniqueness and we grow when we start listening what it is going on first in the physical body, and then we can access the mind. It a great starter to initiate the journey inwards! However, it seems that it does no make any sense if we discover ourselves, but then we don’t have anyone to share that discovery or wisdom with. You will understand what I am saying when you think about that movie (or book) “Into the Wild”. In the last chapter, Christopher McCandless wrote “Happiness Only Real When Shared…”. Amazing inspiring worlds to me. There is a whole wild world out there, and we are all part of it. There is no real separation. We are all part of one whole dimension, with all the similarities and differences. Everything we say and do right now ripples outwards and affects everything and everyone around us. So always remember that you are never, never alone!!!!!!

Remember that life is an amazing journey, and gratitude, love, and honor are the places where we can share our lives fully from, with integrity and authenticity. You matter to the world as much as the world matters to you. You are already a wonderful and powerful human being!!!! Never forget that!!!!


2011: Year of Illumination. A Lee Harris Message

Please take the time to watch this video and listen the amazing words of Lee Harris about the year of 2011. His prediction is that 2011 will be a year of light, illumination, clarity and forward movement. Very interesting! Enjoy, Namaste!

4 Yoga Poses For A Healthy Spine

Hello Everyone!

Here is another video I made since many of you wanted to see the actual poses rather than me writing and showing you a picture of them. This video teaches you how to correct your spine for a healthy life. You still want to visit your local chiropractor regardless of how healthy you are since the spine can deteriorate over time. Here I teach 5 yoga poses for a healthy spine. They are:

Pose 1: Child’s Pose (Balasana)
Pose 2: Cat and Cow Stretch
Pose 3: Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
Pose 4: Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)
Pose 5: Fish Pose (Padmasana)

Enjoy the video! Namaste!

For more information regarding these poses, read my post I wrote on: Yoga For A Healthy Spine

Acceptance & Gratitude

Hello everyone, welcome back !

I hope you’re having an amazing week! The weather has been amazing here in San Diego, sunny and warm, which excites me and gives me more energy! For those who are in Southern California, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather as well!

Before I even go deeper on the topic of this week, I would like to share something very special with all of you. This is going to be amazing and special to me! I am going on an adventure for a month to India, and I’m leaving next week! Yay! The “reason” for this travel is to visit one of the most beautiful and exotic countries in the world, and to experience yoga and meditation from the source. It’s exciting to learn in India everything I can possibly learn about their culture and people. I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, and embracing the unknown. This is going to be the last post for the next couple of weeks since I won’t be able to access a computer while I am traveling and I am going to a different city every couple of days. Hopefully in a month I will be back full of energy and excited to share my experiences and what I’ve learned with you. Meanwhile I hope you have fun in whatever you do for the Holidays, be safe, and enjoy your time with your family and friends!

The topic for this week is ACCEPTANCE. I took a challenging yoga class a couple of days ago, and the “theme” for the class was self- acceptance. The teacher was telling the students about the importance of acceptance as the starter for a life full of happiness, inner peace, and joy. While she was sharing her thoughts about acceptance, I was diving myself into my practice and breathing. I noticed that my hips was very sore from practicing yoga. For those of you who don’t know me, I have tight and stiff hips, and yoga in this regard, is very helpful to build openness and flexibility. My hips are naturally tight, so I don’t necessarily need to force them to open. It will happen overtime and my hips will eventually open if I’m consistent with practicing yoga. So there is no rush! My perception was a shift on each and every posture, by accepting my body where it is at this moment with the limitations I currently have. I continue to do yoga by easily modifying hip opener postures. This felt amazing because I could breathe more deeply, and automatically while feeling a release on my hips, which felt great!

As I mentioned before, we can take so much learning from yoga practice, and apply it to our lives. Acceptance is the first step to meet peace and contentment in the present moment. It comes from the now and from the paradigm that we’re already full, whole and complete. We are healthy and capable of doing everything we want for ourselves to reach our dreams. I feel so happy having the life I have, and being who I am. It gives me the courage to face my fears and to see the world out there. This principle of acceptance goes way beyond our bellies. It starts with internal self-acceptance, then it spreads externally to our homes, families, friends, jobs, community, and eventually to everything and every person we interact with.

I have learned that acceptance is equal to GRATITUDE. I am very grateful for everything I have in my life, especially my beautiful supportive family and true friends who love me for who I am. I know that some things are great in theory but very challenging to put into practice. However, I invite you to embrace acceptance and gratitude in your life, right here, right now! All you need is a shift of paradigm in the way you see you and your life. The real transformation starts in the mind. “Being” is what we need to “Have”. You are already there. Remind yourself that you’re already perfect just the way you are. If it’s necessary for you to look back to the past, and remind yourself of all your accomplishments and achievements, do it! Then look back at this moment, and smile to yourself just for being healthy and alive. Once you start applying acceptance and gratitude to your life, you will notice a huge shift. You then start to laugh at yourself and smile at the world. You’ll then notice the world starts laughing and smiling back at you! :D

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.“ ~ Buddha

Much love, light, blessing and respect,


Carolina “Ina”.